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Pohár plastový 150 ml hnedo - biely 100 ks - PP



Číslo produktu: 00009
naša cena bez DPH: 2,04 €
naša cena s DPH (20 %):
2,45 €

do košíka:

Pohár plastový 150 ml hnedo - biely 100 ks v balení - PP - na doplňovanie do kávomatov, čaje a pod.


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img05.01.2013 15:40


I wish I had found your site 2 years ago when I was studying alone from texts and CDs triyng to remember the limited Slovak of my childhood (50 years ago). Still my husband and I were able to manage very well driving around Slovakia on our own. Everyone was so kind and patient with my efforts to communicate. I know my grammar is terrible. Also, I learned that what I remembered is actually Rusyn which explains why some words in my Slovak dictionary are different from what my grandmother used.My grandfather had 15 grandchildren. 14 of them (from his 1st marriage in Slovakia) always knew each other and now I (#15) from his 2nd marriage in America have found them too.